Spanish Classes in Antigua Guatemala with Mundo Spanish School

Spanish Classes - Specialized Programs

The specialized programs are designed to help you learn Spanish in a specific way. The basic elements of this program are the same as in the general program but you will also be taught vocabulary and topics specific to your specialty (social care, medicine, construction, etc.).

General Spanish Program. One-to-one classes and group lessons

The general Spanish program is designed to improve your Spanish speaking skills for 'everyday situations'. You will be taught basic grammatical structures as well as general vocabulary. Lessons are generally theme-based. Depending on the number of weeks of tuition you require, you will get a deeper insight into each topic. Our goal is to make you speak and write Spanish with confidence and fluency. Therefore you will be given exercises and homework to complement your daily conversational sessions.

Spanish Classes for Families

At Mundo Spanish School we offer Spanish tuition to all ages. In this way parents can bring their kids to Guatemala, travel and study Spanish together with their kids. Starting early to learn a new language such as Spanish is a great idea and helps our little ones to learn a second language. Our teachers already have the right methods for our kids classes, use textbooks designed for kids, and will make sure that the instruction provided includes fun activities, such as educational games.

In case you would like to take your classes together with your family members, we also have a program for family groups.

The program covers all the language instruction expectations of the group and takes the age of the different family members into account.

Online Spanish Classes (Skype)

We also offer Spanish lessons through Skype, from the comfort of your home or work with professional native teachers. These are personalized lessons depending on your needs and level of Spanish. Flexible schedules allow you to dedicate from 1 to 10 hours to classes each week, depending on your available time to study.

Educational, cultural and community programs for groups

Mundo Spanish School offers programs for high school students or groups. We customize all-inclusive programs for 2 to 3 weeks, including Spanish lessons, accommodation with a Guatemalan family or in a hotel, extra-curricular activities and weekend trips.
Mundo Spanish School offers the perfect option to combine learning Spanish during the mornings with a variety of afternoon activities such as dance lessons, tours, visits to museum and towns around Antigua. For your comfort we offer accommodation in a small and quiet hotel where you can take Spanish lessons and relax. It is also possible to stay with a host family in a private room with a private bathroom.

Steps to earn credits for Spanish courses


Contact your home college or university to check if your home institution will accept the transfer of Spanish credit from Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas. Once you have found the appropriate department, make sure they will accept this credit for transfer for the Spanish course or Spanish classes you need. You must gain approval before starting classes, preferably in writing, along with the appropriate administrator's signature


Once your approval for credit transfer has been given you need to register for the Spanish Program of your choice through 'Mundo Spanish school'. Be sure that the Spanish course you are registering for will allow you to have enough time to complete the number of units for the Spanish course.


You will then be sent the Registration form for credit. You will need to fill this out and send it back to Brookhaven. At the same time you will also need to send the payment for the units. You can pay by personal check or by credit card. This will enroll you in the specific courses you desire.


Attend and complete the Spanish immersion program at the Spanish School of your choice. You must be in class for the minimum number of weeks required for the credit you are trying to receive. You must satisfactorily complete all class work and homework, and you must pass all tests. You will also need to complete a one-page paper in Spanish for each course you are trying to receive academic Spanish credit for. This will be due on your last day of Spanish classes.

Request Transcript

Upon returning from your Spanish course you will need to access the Brookhaven website and request a transcript. Once the grades are posted, official college transcripts will be sent out to your home university or college.

Course NameCourse NumberAmount of Credit
Beginner Spanish ISPAN14114
Beginner Spanish IISPAN14124
Intermediate Spanish ISPAN23113
Intermediate Spanish IISPAN23123
Advanced Spanish ConversationSPAN23063
Business Spanish ISPAN23163
Business Spanish IISPAN23173
Spanish Literature ISPAN23213
Spanish Literature IISPAN23223

  • I never thought it was possible but after coming in with no knowledge of Spanish, I managed to speak, read and write decent Spanish in only 2 weeks!!!

    Sydney Kim
    United States
  • I had a very good time in Antigua. I met a lot of people and many of them became good friends. I really liked MUNDO and specially my two amazing teachers who helped me a lot to learn Spanish

    Rica Finger
  • Thank you very much for the experiences and for teaching me Spanish and all about Guatemalan culture. Thanks to the teachers, the family and the students that I met here, because you are the ones that put color in my trip. I am going to miss this beautiful country and I hope to return soon.

    Levina Mink