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Accommodation in Antigua Guatemala

During your stay, we can offer you various kinds of accommodation.


We work with a group of dedicated and preselected families who have received students from overseas for a long time. Living with a host family will give you the opportunity to complete your academic program while you immerse yourself in Guatemalan culture. This option includes: Private room, 3 meals a day (except Sunday), shared or private bathroom, purified water. Any special dietary needs can be arranged.

Accommodation 2013 Price
1 week (shared bathroom) $110 USD
1 week (private bathroom) $125 USD
  Prices are for 1 person


For people who are not comfortable living with a host family and need more independence and privacy, we can offer you a different kind of accommodation.

The prices for those options vary and depend on the season, availability and your needs. Given reasonable notice in advance, we can find you something fully corresponding to your request.

For those who wish to be totally independent, we can offer a fully furnished apartment with different kinds of services.

Living in a guest house is similar to living with a host family, but you will have a little more service, more flexibility and more independence than with host family accommodation. We can offer you different kinds of guest houses depending on your needs (private or shared bathroom, with or without meals, etc.).

There are a lot of different kinds of hotels in Antigua, for all budgets and needs.