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Tavel Tips

Guatemala provides tourists with the opportunity to explore a range of Central American sights, from volcanoes and beaches to Mayan ruins. In addition to the toiletries and personal items needed on any vacation, take care to pack the proper clothing and documents before leaving for a trip to Guatemala, in addition to any other items that may be necessary during your travels.

Basic Attire

Packing everyday attire for Guatemala requires including clothing that you will be comfortable in during your days and evenings exploring the country. While the temperature in Guatemala's highlands, such as Antigua and Guatemala City, averages between 64 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures in the coastal regions are often above 85 degrees. Bring along layers that you can add or remove easily as you travel around the country, and avoid packing shorts. Pack lightweight cotton clothing for a trip to the lowlands and a sweater or light jacket for evenings in the highlands. Comfortable walking shoes also should be included in your luggage.

Other Clothing

In addition to basic attire, travelers visiting during the rainy season, from May to September or October, should pack a poncho or rain jacket to wear during the frequent afternoon downpours. Women traveling to the country for business should pack several knee-length skirts for meetings and work, instead of pants suits, to fit in with Guatemalan culture and attire. Sunglasses and hats are a must when visiting Guatemala's beaches or historical sites to help protect you from the bright sun.

Travel Documents

All travelers visiting Guatemala must have a valid passport to enter and leave the country; visitors staying in the country for less than 90 days are not required to hold a visa. Pack a copy of your passport and other travel documents, such as your flight reservations and credit cards you plan to use during your trip, and keep them away from the originals. For travelers planning on driving while in the country, carry a valid driver's license; obtain an international driver's license for trips over 30 days.

Other Items

Bring enough money for the length of your stay. American dollars are accepted as legal currency in Guatemala, although Americans may choose to bring along credit cards, travelers checks or quetzals, the local currency. While the electrical current in the country is the same of that in the United States, not all outlets have a third opening for the grounding pin, requiring the use of an electrical adapter. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry in Guatemala to reduce the chances of theft.